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Express Scripts will be our Prescription carrier.  The co-pays remain the same:







Mail Order:  

1 co-pay for 3-month supply

Remember: If you are on maintenance prescriptions, you can save money by using the Mail-Order plan. And Generics will save you even more. Co-pays are based strictly upon the tier in which the drug falls in the formulary. Having your doctor indicate on the script “Dispense as Written” will not save you money.

NOTE:   If your doctor believes that you would do just as well with an over-the-counter (OTC) drug such as Prilosec OTC, ask your doctor to write you a prescription for the OTC drug. Get your OTC medicine, present for payment at the prescription counter with the script and PAY NOTHING.  AMI will pay the entire cost of the OTC medicine.

AND to those smokers who want to quit smoking:   Chantix, and over-the- counter smoking cessation patches are at no cost with a prescription from your physician.

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