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AMI Foundation

The AMI Foundation is a charitable organization that is dedicated to enhancing the level of healthcare for community residents by collaborating with local community groups to support programs that address critical health needs. Since its inception in 2003, the Foundation has provided over $700,000 to various charitable organizations throughout South Jersey and Central Jersey.

The AMI Foundation mission is to identify and develop opportunities to enhance the quality of life and improve the level of healthcare for community residents through education and programs directed at these goals, as well as through financial support of other charitable organizations with compatible missions.

The Foundation Board is comprised of AMI physicians, AMI management, and local community leaders. The Foundation believes that all people deserve the chance to have healthy, productive lives and actively seeks to support organizations and programs with objectives that coincide with the Foundation mission.

Supporting programs that enhance the quality of life of community residents...

In 2003, the Foundation joined with the Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Heart Fund (RNS) to raise funds for local patients with cancer and heart disease. RNS is an “all volunteer organization” that provides funding for facilities and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart disease for patients in Southeastern New Jersey. Since 1961, RNS has raised over $10 million to fund programs, services, and equipment purchases for hospitals in the region.

The Foundation sponsors an annual Pink Ribbon Golf Classic that benefits RNS. Since 2003, the Foundation has contributed over $350,000 to RNS. Gilda’s Club is another local organization that has made a significant and positive impact on our community, through the various programs and support groups offered. Gilda’s provides both the social and emotional support needed for anyone touched by cancer. Over the years, the Foundation has developed a great relationship with Gilda’s Club and has supported various events sponsored by Gilda’s including the Annual Art Auction as well as Gilda’s monthly community lecture series. Several AMI employees now volunteer at Gilda’s Club.

In 2007, the Foundation extended its support of Gilda’s Club and committed to support the Noogieland program. Noogieland, named after the noogies that Bill Murray gave to Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live, is both the program name and play area for children and teens. Noogieland is a support program for children, who are cancer survivors, and their families. It is a venue for children and their families to come together, talk about their cancer experience, and receive support from experienced counselors and other family members that are experiencing the same issues.