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The Health Insurance Plan will have 2 Plan Design Options with 2 separate payroll deduction schedules. We will be doing away with the Silver Plan. Our health plan administrator will remain Horizon Healthcare Services and the Horizon Direct Access Network.

The two plans – Gold and CDHP – are remaining the same as the 2013-2014 plan year.  The $750 co-pay for having outpatient surgery done in a hospital rather than a free-standing facility has been eliminated.  We still encourage employees to have outpatient surgery and procedures in a free-standing facility, however, because the cost is less than in a hospital setting.  Particularly for those in the CDHP, this could directly affect your out-of-pocket costs. 

The payroll deductions for each plan are remaining the same as are the AMI HRA contribution rates.


Consider these factors as you make your decisions about which plan to choose:

  1. What are your family’s healthcare needs?  Do you anticipate surgery in the new plan year?  A pregnancy?  Are you relatively healthy?  Anticipating your medical needs for the future year will help you make an informed decision.
  2. Plan Details:  Annual deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, and out-of-pocket maximums affect the pricing of the plans and determine the true maximum cost to you.
  3. All the costs:  Total costs include your payroll deductions plus your annual deductibles plus your coinsurance plus co-pays.  Each plan has a maximum out-of-pocket amount* that, when reached, signals the plan to pay for your healthcare expenses at 100%.                          

*Co-pays do not count toward the maximum out-of-pocket (Max OOP) amount.


As we enter the third year of the CDHP, some of you may still be asking “Why should I consider the
Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP)”?  Here is an overview of the plan design to help you make that decision:

  • Payroll deductions are  much lower than the other two plans 
  • You have more control over your expenses.  Out of pocket expenses are limited to the set maximum OOP amounts.
  • The First Half of the deductible is paid by AMI through the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)*
  • To prepare to pay for the deductibles over the 50% that AMI is contributing, you may set aside funds in the Flexible Spending Account.  Not only will you then be prepared to pay the deductibles and co-insurance, you will be paying with pre-tax money.  
  • If you contribute $2,500 to the FSA, for example, it will cover the entire cost of the Max OOP you may have to pay. Then you don’t have to worry about getting large bills to pay.  (Think ‘Budget Payment Plan’ as you may have with the utility company)


How do I save money?

  • Lowest PR deductions
  • You control how much you spend.  If you and your family are relatively healthy and seldom go to the doctor, you have the possibility of only paying the PR deduction cost because AMI is picking up the first 50% of the deductible.
  • Research and ‘shop’ for the best health care services at the lowest price.  We know that this is a new concept but it is one that is taking hold across the country.  We are adding on-line website access at no cost to you to research providers and potential costs.  This service is COMPASS. 
  • The listing of price ranges for common medical expenses appears on myAMISource.com
  • Additionally, under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, preventive care services are paid at 100% (i.e. prenatal care, routine physicals, immunizations, etc.). 


For more information about additional benefits, select from the list below: