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Walking Tips from Toni Ann

Toni Ann DiSantis

Sitting in that office chair non-stop could be killing you. Failing to move regularly throughout your day can be a contributor to a range of diseases affecting your heart, circulation and respiratory systems. It's  important to include regular exercise into your life, but reasons such as lack of time, money, or motivation are often the reasons for remaining sedentary.

Fortunately, there are ways around this and it's something that almost every person can do. Simply walk more each day.  With the addition of a pedometer and some walking shoes, you are one step closer to reaching your fitness goals and improving your health.

Walking is an easy way to healthier life:

  • Walking is a low impact, effective way to lose weight.
  • Walking helps to reduce blood pressure. For those with hypertension, walking helps you to manage it better.
  • Walking is good for reducing the risks of heart disease and stroke.
  • Walking improves your cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness.
  • Walking increases muscle strength, helps create stronger bones, improves your balance and increases your endurance.
  • Walking doesn't have to be either vigorous or prolonged in order to produce benefits, provided it's spread  throughout your day and consistent, you'll improve your overall fitness.
  • Walking is great for any age! Studies have shown that women over 65 who became active reduced their risk of premature death by 48 percent.