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Two natural solutions for hypertension

Toni-Ann DiSantis

Pressure’s on! Two natural solutions for hypertension.

There’s a “health” club that just surpassed a billion members — but it’s one you want to steer clear of. High blood pressure, aka hypertension, now affects 1.13 billion people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. While medication is often needed (and we want you to get your BP to 115/76 with or without meds), daily habits matter — a lot. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure or you’re trying to prevent it, it’s important that you eat a plant-based diet that’s not high in sodium, get regular exercise, enjoy one or two alcoholic beverages a night if you drink (and no more than two), practice stress management, and prioritize sleep. Research sheds light on two things to consider adding to your toolkit. The first involves getting stuck, in a good way. Electroacupuncture, a form of acupuncture that uses low-intensity electric pulses, can help to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. Second, getting plenty of ALA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids in your diet may help to prevent hypertension in the first place, according to preliminary research. So add a couple of servings of cold-water fish such as wild salmon to your weekly menu (if it’s not there already), and keep omega-3-rich walnuts on hand as a heart-healthy snack.