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Spring Produce

Toni Ann DiSantis

Whether you’re just trying to eat healthier or lose a few pounds, fruits and veggies are critical to a healthy diet. Not only are these delicious foods full of vitamins and minerals to help our bodies do what they’re supposed to, but they can help fill us up. The combination of fiber and water will help you feel full, long after you’ve devoured it. Make it a goal to add more fruits and veggies as part of your diet and I guarantee you’ll be feeling better sooner rather than later!

Here are some of the best picks for spring,  and what to look for when digging through the produce aisle.

Support your local farmers and check out some of the farmers markets for the ripest of these fruits and veggies. If you’re not sure where there is a farmers market near you, check out http://www.localharvest.org/farmers-markets/. Simply type in your zip code and it will find them for you! How easy is that?!