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Social distancing and use of PPE

Dr. Levi

We believe it is important to take a few moments to reinforce the importance of social distancing and use of PPE in our offices. We understand that the use of PPE may at times become uncomfortable or that we may feel it is okay to let our guard down when in a familiar setting or with familiar people. However, our new norm is that even our most normal interactions can now have risk, and we cannot let our guard down. Considering the recent measures put in place by Governor Murphy (requiring everyone to wear face masks when in public), our facilities can be no less strict in adhering to those precautions. While we may be receiving some positive information about the potential for lifting restrictions in the future, it is important to continue our precautions to avoid a resurgence in the coming weeks. 

You should:  

  • Wash your hands frequently. 
  • Always wear a surgical mask. 
  • Observe at least 6 feet of social distancing in common areas such as the kitchen. 
  • Maintain a clean workspace and frequently clean work areas.  

You should NOT:  

  • Fail to use appropriate PPE while working in any AMI facility. 
  • Lower your face mask and wear it around your neck.  
  • Congregate, meet, or otherwise socialize in close contact with peers.  
  • Sit within 6 feet of each other in the kitchen without a face mask.  

We ask that each employee be socially responsible for their safety and the safety of their peers. We ask that you always commit to wearing appropriate PPE or adhere to appropriate social distancing measures when PPE cannot be worn, such as while eating lunch. Thank you for listening and for all you are doing for our patients and our communities. 

Coronavirus Update 03/19/2019

Coronavirus Update 02/28/2019