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September is the "Fruit and Vegetable" Month

Toni Ann DiSantis

September is here, meaning students are back, leaves are turning, and football season is just around the corner!  September is the "Fruit and Vegetable" Month, so be sure to add some fruits and veggies into your school lunches and tailgate parties!

A BANANA is a berry, but a STRAWBERRY is not.
TOMOATOES are not a vegetable.  They are however the most popular fruit in the world!
There are over 7,000 different types of APPLES.
EGGPLANTS are actually a fruit, and are considered berries.
CUCUMBERS are also a fruit, not a veggie.
PUMPKINS and AVOCADOS are fruits not a vegetable.



Mix it up! Try to incorporate different fruits and vegetables each week and prepare them in new and interesting ways.
Substitute vegetables for other food items.  Some examples are making a lettuce wrap instead of using a tortilla, or making carrot fries in the oven!
Eat more salads! Fruits and vegetables go great in salads.  Remember not over-indulge on the dressing.
Double the vegetables.  Many recipes call for veggies, so just add extra! 

Soups, casseroles, and salads are great dishes to beef up your vegetable intake.


For more information, visit  www.fruitsinfo.com.