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R&R or exercise on vacation? You don’t have to decide!

Toni-Ann DiSantis

If you’re planning an end-of-summer vacation or starting to arrange a fall or winter getaway, you may have noticed a growing number of wellness-related opportunities. Wellness tourism, defined as travel associated with enhancing one’s well-being, is booming. Even so, plenty of people just want to fill their time away with R&R. In fact, 75 percent of Americans rank rest and relaxation very high on their list of vacation objectives. And yet spending every day on a lounge chair holding a pina colada may have the opposite effect you want from vacation: You may return home feeling sluggish instead of rejuvenated. Here’s how to get in some exercise (while still enjoying yourself!):

Whenever you can, walk or bicycle. It’s amazing how much you can discover without even noticing the effort. Make life easier by downloading an app that shows user-vetted routes worldwide, including distances and attractions.
Visit a park and use what’s there to create a workout. Use a bench to do tricep dips, push-ups and step-ups; do some stair climbing, too.
Take a surfing lesson, rent a kayak or paddle board, or swim laps.

Before you leave home, load a no-equipment-needed bootcamp-style workout onto your phone or iPad and get a group together for a workout on the beach or by the pool.