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Toni Ann DiSantis

Meet Toni Ann DiSantis, AMI Wellness Coordinator

AMI Wellness Committee

We are excited to announce that Toni Ann DiSantis, RA in Brick Women’s Center, has accepted the opportunity to be a part-time Wellness Coordinator for AMI. Toni Ann will continue to work as an RA for 3 days a week and will devote the other 2 days to promoting and encouraging wellness and fitness activities throughout the practice.

Why Toni Ann?

She has been a Certified Fitness Trainer for several years assisting clients to meet their fitness goals in local facilities. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics which keeps her educated on nutrition and health with the ability to draw on the expertise of Registered Dietitians. Toni Ann personally participates in a variety of fitness activities (many of which are for the ‘faint of heart’) and has led weight loss challenges for our Northern offices. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

What will Toni Ann do as our Wellness Coordinator?

 - Visit all offices to get to know our employees and your interests in fitness and nutrition. 

 - Develop and implement programs to help you meet your fitness and nutrition goals.

 - Create company-wide challenges with incentives to help us, collectively, to meet our goals

 - Engage the Wellness Committee members to share ideas for initiatives and to encourage enthusiasm throughout AMI and AMI AtlantiCare.

 - Encourage all of us to participate in the ‘Get to Know your Numbers’ campaign.

Toni Ann will track individual fitness or weight-loss goals. But be assured that she will maintain confidentiality. If asked to give progress reports to management, she will do so only on an aggregate basis.

We hope that you will welcome our Wellness Coordinator in your offices and feel comfortable with her. A schedule of her initial visits will be published by December.