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Make your New Year’s resolutions successful!

Toni Ann DiSantis

Make your New Year’s resolutions successful: Don’t over-commit.

For many of us, January is when we look optimistically into the future, see a new and improved version of ourselves, and decide that we are going to become that person. We all love shiny new beginnings — the chance to reinvent or improve ourselves. Taking on new goals in the name of better emotional or physical health is a great idea — no matter what day of the year it is. Today, take a look at your list of resolutions. The more goals you have, the harder it will be to truly commit to any of them.


The secret to your success: Choose only one or two small goals and be specific.

Instead of committing to a broad objective like “eating better,” commit to cutting out soda, eating five servings of vegetables daily, or eating only when you’re hungry and only until you’re full. The more specific your resolution, the more likely you’ll be to accomplish it.

If and when you’ve mastered your first resolution, take on another small goal. If you’re trying to lose weight this year, commit to slimming down in five-pound increments. Each milestone builds self-confidence and helps you start reaching for your next one.

So think small, but plan big. Know what steps you have to take to reach your goals, and have a plan in place for when you’re tempted to stray from your resolutions.