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How To Avoid Overeating On Super Bowl Sunday

Toni-Ann DiSantis

How To Avoid Overeating On Super Bowl Sunday  (via symptomfind.com)

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, many people are getting geared up for a huge bash. It’s one of the biggest party days of the year, so it’s no surprise that overeating is a common problem on Super Bowl Sunday. This year, avoid the post-Super Bowl weight gain by making smarter choices on game day. It’s much easier than you think, and your body will thank you for it later.

Choose Healthier Varieties:  Save big on calories and fat when you choose slightly healthier versions of your favorite game day foods. For instance, choose roasted wings over battered deep-fried wings to save 300 calories per serving. Similarly, you can eat thin-crust pizza topped with healthy veggies rather than a deep-dish meat lovers’ pizza. You’ll feel nice and full while getting a fraction of the calories and fat.

Fill Up On Healthy Food Beforehand:  When you’re already pretty full, it’s easier to resist the temptations of all the Super Bowl snacks. Try having a heaping bowl of chili before you settle in on the couch for the game. It’s packed with healthy proteins from the meat and beans and it will help keep you feeling full so you can avoid mindless snacking throughout the game.

Bring Out The Veggies:  According to ABC News, veggies have been the number one most popular snack in homes for Super Bowl Sunday. Get in on this smart and healthy trend by bringing out tons of crisp celery, snap peas, carrots or broccoli (the darker the veggie, the better it is for you) on game day. You can munch on these all throughout the game without the guilt about calories and fat. However, don’t use them to scoop up unhealthy dips and toppings. Instead, use healthier dips like hummus or cottage cheese to add flavor to your vegetables.

Avoid Overdoing It On Chips:  It’s easy to mindlessly snack on chips while getting caught up in the game, only to realize later that you’ve eaten half a bag all on your own. Instead, have just a handful of chips portioned out on a plate so you won’t keep reaching into the bag. Then, pair them with a healthier dip, such as guacamole or salsa, to help you fill up. Alternatively, you can ditch the chips all together and go for a lighter crunchy snack, like low-fat pretzels or air-popped popcorn. If you still need a satisfying snack to munch on, reach for those veggies.

Choose Your Beer Wisely:  Many people love to sip on a brew while watching the Super Bowl, and there’s definitely a way you can do this in both a responsible and healthy manner. First, make sure you have a designated driver if you do plan to drink. Then, choose a lighter beer to cut back on the calories. For example, Sam Adams Light has 119 calories and Guinness has 125 calories per glass, while some double IPAs, Russian imperial styles and higher alcohol content varieties have over 300 calories per glass. Therefore, doing a little research beforehand on which beers have fewer calories can go a long way when you plan to put back a few over the course of the game. Be careful about drinking too much, however, since alcohol may block your inhibitions against overeating.

Go Lean On The Deli Meats

Most deli meats will have about the same number of calories per serving, but make sure that whichever varieties you choose you get a lean product. Then, cut back on your calories further by making smart choices about the rest of your sandwich. Use whole-grain breads or wraps, choose low-fat cheese (or no cheese) and get added flavor from mustards, pesto or vinegar rather than mayo. You can also make your meal much healthier by using less meat and more veggies. The result is just as satisfying but much better for your health.

Serve Food Away From The TV:  Most Super Bowl celebrations are focused on the TV, so if possible keep the food in the kitchen or in an area where you need to get up and walk away from the TV to get it. Having the food within arm’s reach during the game allows for mindless snacking throughout the game. Put out plates near the food so that each person can deliberately choose portions before returning to the TV. If you still want something right there for guests who get hungry but can’t miss a minute of the action, have the healthiest snacks on hand by the TV, such as veggies or a fruit tray.

Send Leftovers Home With Guests:  Odds are that you might make a little too much food if you’re the one hosting the event for Super Bowl Sunday. If that’s the case, then make sure you are prepared to send home leftovers with your guests. This will help you from overeating in the hours and days following the Super Bowl party. Pick up some cheap plastic containers from the grocery store before the big day. Your guests will be more willing to bring something home with them if it’s in a sealed and easy-to-transport container than if it’s tossed on a plate with some plastic wrap on top.

According to the Calorie Control Council and the Snack Food Association, the average Super Bowl snacker will consume 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat – and that's just from snacks alone. Sure, you may want to splurge – after all, it's only one day – but why not splurge with alternatives that taste just as good, but save on fat and calories?

1. Baked Chicken Wings Instead Of Buffalo Wings

2. Hummus Instead Of Spinach And Artichoke Dip

3. Quesadillas Instead Of Nachos

4. Homemade Trail Mix Instead Of Store-bought Party Mix

5. Kale Chips Instead Of Potato Chips

6. Salsa Instead Of Chip Dips

7. Flatbread Pizza Instead Of Store-Bought Or Delivery Pizza

8. Wraps Instead Of Sliders

9. Tofu Chili Instead Of Store-Bought Chili

10. Fresh Fruit Kebobs Instead Of Dessert