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Healthy Tip

Toni-Ann DiSantis

Stop rushing through meals and take time to enjoy your food - We are a fast food society: We wolf down our food and hardly ever chew it completely. In general, we are in a rush, or distracted by the television, cable, the internet, Netflix, etc. We don’t think about how we eat. But we need to. You really need to try to turn off all electronics while eating. Seriously. It distracts you and you chew your food about 50 percent less when your mind is elsewhere. Chewing your food is the first step in the digestive process. Do your best not to do anything that distracts—driving, working, reading the paper, or the above-mentioned electronics—while you are eating. And one thing I would encourage you to do is to eat with family and/or friends. This adds a unique level of health to your eating that is very hormonal and neurotransmitter friendly.