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Healthy Hint

Toni-Ann DiSantis

Be a quitter!

To give your body the ultimate holiday gift, stop smoking.

[Daily Dose] “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” goes a famous ad slogan. Your body can be more forgiving, as it turns out. The benefits of quitting smoking are overwhelming, including living stronger and having more fun because you don’t have respiratory symptoms, lung cancer, heart disease — or early death! Amazingly (and very fortunately!), your body begins to repair itself almost immediately. And while most research has been done on middle-aged people, a new study confirms that even people in their sixties who stop smoking reduce their risk of disease and early death. And the benefits go beyond the physical: People who quit smoking are happier and more satisfied with their health than those who keep smoking. So whether you’re 27, 47 or 67, if you smoke, make a choice to quit. Make sure that choice involves a few supportive buddies or friends, family and health professionals. Think of it as a holiday gift for your body — one that keeps on giving!