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Healthy Foods That Don’t Spoil Easily

Toni-Ann DiSantis

Healthy Foods That Don’t Spoil Easily

One problem with healthy, natural foods, is that they tend to spoil easily.  For this reason, eating healthy is associated with frequent trips to the grocery store.  It can also be a challenge when travelling without access to a refrigerator.

However, many healthy foods can be stored long-term without spoiling, as long as you have the right temperature and moisture conditions.

Here are  10 examples:


With so many options to choose from, nuts are a great source of protein, fat and fiber that offer a lot of variety.

Most types of nuts last for about a year, even longer if frozen.

2. Canned Meats and Seafood

Canned meats and seafood can last for 2-5 years in many cases.

They are an excellent source of protein, and a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids in the case of canned fish.

3. Dried Grains

Grains can typically be stored for years, as long as they are kept dry and sealed tightly.

If you’re gluten-free, consider rice, buckwheat and gluten-free oats.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate that’s stored in a cool, dry place can last 4-6 months past the “best by” date on its label.

It is an excellent source of fiber, magnesium and many other important nutrients.

5. Canned Fruits and Veggies

Canned fruits and vegetables that have been fermented or pickled are sold in airtight containers.

Because they’re usually packaged in an acidic solution, they can last for years.

6. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is loaded with various nutrients, such as fiber. However, it should only be consumed in moderation because of the high sugar and calorie content.

The dehydration process will prevent the fruit from molding easily.

7. Canned Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is high in saturated fat, but this type of fat tends to be stable and doesn’t go rancid easily.

When canned coconut milk is sealed properly, it will resist spoiling for over a year.

8. Dried Beans

Beans are one of the easiest sources of protein to store long-term. They have a naturally low moisture content and can last for years.

Additionally, beans are among the most nutritious foods you can eat. They are loaded with protein, fiber and various important minerals, such as magnesium.

9. Jerky

Just like dried beans, jerky can be a great great choice if you need high-protein options.

Pretty much any meat can be dried or dehydrated and stored for up to a year or more, as long as it’s stored in airtight packaging.

10. Protein Powders

You might not have considered protein powders, such as whey protein. These are easy-to-store protein sources that can last up to 5 years.