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Have a Healthier Memorial Day BBQ

Prevention Magazine

Whether it's Memorial Day weekend or a cookout with friends, BBQs can be tough when you're trying to eat clean. However, it is possible to make good choices when attending food-centered get-togethers.

Stay active: Throw the Frisbee, play softball, or set up a badminton tournament.

Go for the greens: Salads are a perfect choice for a picnic. Try to avoid mayonnaise-based salads and look for green leafy options with veggies, nuts, fruits, meats, and low-fat cheese instead.

Pack a healthier cooler: Fill a cooler with bottled water, seltzer, or any of these healthier beverage options to stay hydrated on hot days.

Be a grill master: Skinless chicken breasts and seafood would be your healthiest options for the grill. Marinate them, or brush them lightly with BBQ sauce or honey mustard. Vegetables on the grill are also great option for the grill.

Eat sweets: The perfect BBQ dessert has to be juicy watermelon, a true American tradition.

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