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Easy Ways to Live a Healthier Life

From the blog Skinny Ms.

These tips, from the Skinny Ms blog, are easy and helpful for those looking to have a healthier lifestyle without being overwhelmed or discouraged. Follow these easy steps and you can easily change out those bad habits for new healthy ones.

1. Eat What You Like: Not everyone likes salads and quinoa. When you’re just starting out, try eating healthy versions of your favorite foods. Try grilled or baked foods instead of fried ones. Swap out the ice cream for Greek yogurt recipes.

2. Do Whatever You Want to Exercise Your Body: If you like being outside in nature, start by taking walks. Just find whatever motivates you, and give it a shot.

3. Take Baby Steps: If completely changing your lifestyle overwhelms you, take it one step at a time. Take your vitamins. Try veggies and nuts for snacks. Go for a walk. Start small, and keep pushing yourself a little more each day.

4. Set Goals: Recognize that those “baby steps” you’re taking are actually small goals, and each time you are taking a step in the right direction, you have accomplished a goal. Then use the pride you gain from accomplishing those goals to make even more healthy choices.

5. Reward Yoursel: Acknowledge your hard work with a reward of some sort, to keep you motivated. If you have the extra cash, you can plan occasional massage or mani-pedi appointment. You can even start a ritual of enjoying one square of dark chocolate each day.

6. Give Yourself a Break: Remember that improving your overall wellness also involves reducing stress. Try taking some time out each day to reflect, meditate, or just enjoy a few minutes of silence.

7. Take Note: Of your portions, that is! Start reducing your portions, and you will most likely start to notice a difference.

8. Start Over:  If you “fall off the wagon,” eat junk, or forgo exercise, don’t get discouraged and give up. Each day is a new opportunity to recommit to the new, healthier you.

9. Find a Buddy: Do a recipe-swap of your favorite healthy recipes. Make a regular date to go on jogs, hikes, or other fun aerobic outings. You’ll enjoy it more, and you’ll also have someone to help keep you accountable.

10. Go Ahead and Indulge: Just because you’re trying to be healthier, it doesn’t mean you can never have dessert again.

No matter what you do, do something. Any step you take toward a healthier lifestyle can only help your overall health and well-being.

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