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Annual Biometric Screening Schedule

Desi Palumbo

With the help of AtlantiCare, AMI will be providing Biometric Screening for all of our staff beginning on Monday, February 16th.  A sign up sheet will be placed by the time clocks at each location (Pomona Staff, I'll put the sign up sheet on the kitchen door).

Please be advised, employees who take part in the Biometric Screening and who are on the CDHP Plan will receive $100 added to their HRA on November 1, 2016; employees who are on the Gold plan will have $100 taken off of their in-network deductible also effective on November 1, 2016.

In addition to the $100 on the HRA or deductible, employees who can provide documentation that they have had a wellness exam from 11/1/2014 through 9/30/2015; will receive an additional $50 added to their HRA for those on the CDHP Plan or for those on the Gold plan, an additional $50 taken off of their in-network deductible effective 11/1/2016.  That's an additional $150 if you do both.

Those employees who are not covered under the AMI Group Health Plan with Horizon can absolutely take part in the Biometric Screening, but they will not receive compensation to do so.

The schedule is listed below.