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AMI's Employee Weight Loss Challenge!

Wellness Committee

Atlantic Medical Imaging’s Employee Weight Loss Challenge

A twelve week program to help you lose weight and kick start a healthy lifestyle. With the help of our Wellness Coordinator, Toni Ann, we will be educated on the importance of regular exercise and nutrition. The “Biggest Loser” will be determined by the highest percentage of body weight lost, not the most pounds lost.

About the Program


Registration Fee: $10, AMI will match the total.


Signup sheets will be available in each office. Participants must sign up and pay registration fee by Friday February, 28, 2014. 


The challenge will start the week of March 3, 2014 and run through the week of May 19, 2014. The initial weigh-in can be any day of the first week which works best for you. The final weigh-in during the week of May 19th can be no later than Friday May 23rd. 


For all other weigh-ins we recommend choosing the same day and time each week. NOTE: You will have to work this out with the designated recorder in your office.


Along with a grand prize winner, there will be monthly winners for those who lost the highest percentage of weight at the end of the first and second month.

  • Prize amount is based on sum of registration fees.


Check out our website, my.atlanticmedicalimaging.com, for weekly tips, recipes, and other health related articles. Here you can also find a list of apps, for smart phones and the web, to aid you in the process. They include tools such as exercise and food trackers, recipe finder, and more.


Each office will have a designated record keeper who will weigh all participants and track their progress. No one else will see participants weight. They will use weight to calculate percentage of weight lost throughout the 12 weeks.


Each office will have a board showing participants progress in that location. Only name and percentage of body weight lost will be listed each week. You weight will not be listed.


Participants can view other offices progress on the myatlanticmedicalimaging.com website.

Rules And Regulations


After the initial weigh-in, participants must weigh once a week at the office which they work.

Participants can miss no more than 1 weigh-in a month, or they will be unable to win that month’s prize.

Each scale has been approved for the challenge.

Any questions please contact Toni Ann at tdisantis@atlanticmedicalimaging.com