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AMI Walk Challenge

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The American Heart Association will host their virtual Heart Walk on Saturday, May 22nd. AMI is a corporate sponsor and Dr. David Kenny is the Chairperson for this year’s event.

In an effort to raise funds for the American Heart Association, we will host the AMI Walk Challenge! Throughout the month of May we are encouraging our physicians and staff to Join Team AMI and get your steps in.

The AMI Walk Challenge will run from May 1 – May 28th. Here is how it will work:

  • Register to join Team AMI on the American Heart Association website – Click here to register and create your profile. (Follow these steps after clicking the link above).
    • Help us raise funds by sharing your profile page with your family and friends and encourage them to sponsor you for the AMI Walk Challenge.
    • Once you finish the registration and donation process a popup will appear to connect your fundraiser to Facebook.
    • You can also access various sharing options (Facebook, Twitter or Email) and track your fundraising progress on your main dashboard page.
  • Once you have registered, email Emily Lingo at elingo@aminj.com that you registered and what office you work out of. We will send an AMI pedometer to you via interoffice mail. You can use this pedometer to keep track of your steps starting, Saturday, May 1st thru Friday, May 28th.
  • At the end of day on Friday, May 28th, all participates will take a picture of their pedometer showing the number of steps completed and send to elingo@aminj.com.

There are 2 ways you can win the AMI Walk Challenge:

  1. Most Steps: the top three (3) participants with the most steps completed by end of day on May 28th will win a bag of AMI work-out swag along with a $25 Visa gift card.
  2. Most Funds: the participant who raises the most funds on the Team AMI page will win your choice of a Fitbit Versa 2 or Apple Watch 3.

Tracking Your Steps

  • We are sending pedometers to those who register, but if you already have a pedometer, or any type of step tracking device, you can use your own. 
  • Please send your completed steps to Emily Lingo at elingo@aminj.com each Monday morning so that we can publish the results weekly.

Throughout the AMI Walk Challenge, we want to bring as much awareness as possible about the American Heart Association’s mission. So be sure to tag AMI on social media when posting updates about your steps and encourage others to support your efforts!

So dust off your sneakers and get ready for the AMI Walk Challenge!

Step Count Totals

Registered Steps May 3 Steps May 10 Steps May 17 Steps May 24 Steps May 31 Total
Aliza Ramos-Delgado             
Amy Fairchild 21,130 26,896        
April Shinn 26,420 91,172        
Cara Landis    32,195        
Dr. Chandni Bhimani 17,059 23,845        
Chris McDonnell            
Christina Ganiel-Ballard 31,775 110,942        
Courtney Elentrio  3,009 54,950        
Dan Seiders 29,471 62,626        
Debra Nagy   50,294        
Dr. Peggy 27,103          
Erin Batty            
Jill Goodman            
Jill Markese   60,781        
Joelene Piccinino            
Julinda Brown            
Kim Schleyer 21,159 63,970        
Krystal Amorino 29,762 87,834        
Linda Maldonado            
Lisa Lawrence   57,229        
Lisa Noborine            
Liz Calhoun 9,030 46,027        
Marissa Fleagle 5,936 24,348        
Megan Santillo            
Melonie Garron 25,576 74,725        
Michelle DeGraw   25,486        
Michelle Luis   29,619        
Dr. Nicholas Petruzzi            
Nicole Petrolino   69,038        
Patricia Smith            
Paul Dintino 10,405 38,500        
Renee Barone            
Rosa Fernandez            
Sasha Schuber 19,089 71,413        
Dr. Sergey Leshchinskiy            
Sidney Baker            
Stacey O'Carroll            
Taylor Spoltore