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100 Miles in 100 Days -TIPS

Ashley McPartland

In preparation for the upcoming 2nd Annual Step Challenge, here are a few tips to help you track your steps and reach 100 miles in 100 days!

Below is a list of FREE apps for your smartphone to help you keep track of miles walked. If you are using a pedometer, there are about 2,100 steps per miles. This can be a few steps higher or lower, depending on your stride length.

Pedometer Apps:

You can also convert the number of steps into miles at Convert Units.


Looking to get a few extra steps in? Try making small, everyday changes that can make a big increase in your steps!


  • Choose a parking space that is a little farther from your destination.
  • Take the stairs, instead of the elevator.
  • Walk to work, the store, a friend's house. Whenever it's possible, and safe, skip driving and take a walk!
  • Do one more loop around the grocery store before checking out.
  • Walk during your lunch break.


We hope you are excited to begin your walk towards 100 miles!