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Message from our CEO Doctor Glassberg, CEO

Phase II: Consumerism.

To be a consumer we have to be engaged, educated and empowered. If you’re in the CDHP you’re already engaged. In Phase II we aim to educate you and empower you to act on what you’ve learned. Did you know your chiropractor may cost you $35 per visit but many others could cost you $10? Is he/she worth that extra money? Why or why not? Your recent hospital bill contained 34 separate charges; can you confirm they’re all appropriate and accurate? (an estimated 30% are not)

This new website: myAMIhealthsource.com is designed to help you answer these kind of questions. You can bank on E-mails and bulletins from Bettie and GBS continuing, too. Ultimately though, our best resource will be each other. If you find a great doctor, a way to save money, etc. share that with us so we can all learn from each other.

Phase III: Wellness.

The basis for this is admittedly economic; the healthier you are the less healthcare you’ll need, the less time out of work you’ll need and the more productive you’ll be when at work. But there is also a moral imperative to this. Time at AMI is 2nd only to time with family. I hope AMI will be a source of strength and support for you to get healthier and stay that way.

Phase III has begun with a wellness council made up of fellow employees. The wellness committee was created to provide support for and information about health and wellness initiatives that will be launched over the coming months. The employees on this committee have interests and experiences in a variety of areas. As programs are developed, some of which may be included in our health insurance plan, we will keep you informed via emails and through committee members.

Those of you here long enough remember the customer service initiative we did years ago. That initiative succeeded in getting your customer service to top-of-mind status. This requires that same level of daily top-of-mind focus. If we dedicate ourselves to getting healthier and to becoming healthcare consumers there is an unlimited things we can do.