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Stop Eating When You’re Full Challenge

Toni-Ann DiSantis

Stop Eating When You’re Full Challenge

Some of you may think you already stop eating when you feel full, but unless you are French – think again. Think back to your last meal…did you stop eating when your gut told you you’d had enough or when your plate was clean, the package was empty, or the T.V. show was over?

Supposedly it takes twenty minutes before the brain gets the word that the belly is full; unfortunately most of us take considerably less than twenty minutes to finish a meal, with the result that the sensation of feeling full exerts little if any influence on how much we eat. What this suggests is that eating more slowly, and then consulting our sense of satiety, might help us to eat less.

  Here are some tips :

*  Finishers: We love finishing things! That’s why it’s so hard to leave things on our plates; like that last bite we don’t even want. Our clue that we are done eating is that our plates are clean. Try leaving a piece of food on your plate. Even better? Start with less. We can't eat what's not there.

*  Eating: The first bite is always the best so try to reduce your portions. Out to dinner? Tell them to pack up 1/2 of your food for home even before they bring out your plate to the table. Say no to bread. This way you don’t even have to  look at it.

*  Awareness: Are you really hungry when you eat? If you’re not hungry but choose to eat anyway — say out loud, “I’m not hungry but I’m going to eat this anyway!”

*  20 percent: Try adding 20% more veggies to your plate and take away 20% of the entree. 1/2 plate: Try making half of your plate veggies. I find that eating veggies and salad with each meal really helps me to feel full.

*  Distractions: If you eat while you work or read or watch TV, or do anything in addition to eating, you’re going to eat more. Smell the roses. Live in the moment. Taste your food. Pretend you're a food critic and have to write a review of the taste, texture, smell, etc.

*  Business parties: Only 2 items of food on your plate at 1 time. Chow down on healthy food first like veggies. While talking set your food down so you don’t mindlessly munch. When you enter the room, remind yourself of the purpose:      Business or food?

* See all you can eat: Like the chicken wings - serve yourself in the kitchen and try to eat in another room. With snacks always pour or put the snack into something. Otherwise, the hand always reaches into that bag, without even realizing it.