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Update for Employees: Paycom Internal Applications Process Change

Erin Batty

I am excited to share that effective June 1, 2022, all applications for open positions will be submitted via Paycom!  Communications surrounding this upcoming process change have been included in job posting emails for the last few weeks.  Many of you are already utilizing this feature, which is wonderful – thank you!

What this means for you:

  • Fewer emails in your inbox
  • Access to all available job openings in one place
  • A less tedious application process for you with the elimination of the paper forms
  • Quicker turnaround times on the processing & review of your applications

Please review these important factors regarding this process change, effective June 1, 2022:

  • Jobs will be posted on Paycom and the AMI website only and it will be the responsibility of the employee to check the listings for new opportunities.
  • Emailed job postings and Job Posting Response forms will no longer be circulated.
  • Employees who are interested in new opportunities should utilize the Job Opportunities feature in Paycom (to learn how, keep reading!).
  • A simplified version of our AMI Application will be completed by current employees; you will be required to submit less information than an external candidate.
  • A notation of “Current Employee” will be assigned to your application and your application will be listed under the “Internal job listing;” therefore, separate from external candidates’ applications.
  • Current employees still need to be approved for transfer following the submission of their application, meaning you must be in your current position for at least 6 months at the time of applying and in good standing to be considered for a transfer. 
  • The interview and offer processes will remain unchanged.
  • If you are interested in making a status change from Full time to Part-time or Per Diem, it is important that you first speak with your manager.

The following steps offer instructions on how to submit an internal application via the Paycom app.  Please note that this is a new process for all of us, so if you run into any issues, I am happy to speak with you and help you through it.

  • You will be able to view current job listings by opening the Paycom app on your mobile device, or PC, and clicking the Company Information tab, then Job Opportunities.
  • Clicking on the Job Opportunities option will launch the Paycom careers page in a separate browser.
  • You can view available jobs and click on a job of interest, then click Apply if you would like to move forward with the position.
  • You will be prompted to complete the Apply Now page, which requires completion of the requested information and the attachment of a resume.  You will also notice a Sign-in option.  The most important thing to remember with this section is that the login information is *not* your Employee Self Service login.  It is a unique login that you will need to set up for the Application Tracking System if you haven’t applied through Paycom before (as either a candidate or current employee).  If you have previously submitted an application through Paycom (meaning you have applied for a job at AMI since Paycom’s implementation in 2018) then you likely already have an Application account set up.  You are welcome to use your personal or AMI email address when setting up the new account. When attempting to sign in, you will have the ability to Create Account or select Forgot password? to retrieve a previously set up password.
  • After successfully signing in, you will be able to complete your application, either manually or by selecting a Parse option that will pre-fill your information.  You will also be prompted to complete some preliminary questions on the application.
  • Once your application is successfully submitted, it will be available for the hiring manager’s review in the Paycom Recruiter Dashboard.

The effective date of the process change is June 1, 2022.  Please reach out to me with questions and concerns.  I appreciate your time and support with these changes!