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Phone Updates 6/26/2022

Melonie Garron

Thank you all for your feedback regarding the changes that were made to the routing and messaging of patient calls that occurred in late April. We received various information from staff across the locations and we have made updates based on your feedback, some of the changes include: 

  • Adding language at the start of the auto attendant that if you are Dr./Hospital to press 8. 
  • Appointment Options: 
    • Changed option one to simplify the language to say verify, reschedule, or cancel, press 1. 
    • Added option for STAT, if a patient has a STAT script, they can select this option.
    • Changed option for Nurse Navigator to state to schedule your breast or thyroid biopsy. 
  • Option 3 for medical records and legal
    • Changed language to state if you are a Dr. or patient and need to request records, press 1 
    • We also added on hold messaging to notify patients that reports can be obtained on their portal, and images could be requested online. 
  • Caller ID / Callbacks 
    • We have updated the carrier information so that when calls go out from the call center agents for call backs it will show as (609) 677-9729, it will no longer come up as Pleasantville, and will display AMI - Radiology associated with the caller ID. We cannot prevent certain carriers from marking calls as SPAM but hope these changes will help. 
    • Based on Office Location the Caller ID's will be updated to reflect our main published numbers. 
      • All offices (except Manahawkin/Hammonton) in the (609) area code will display (609) 677-9729
      • All offices in the (732) area code will display (732) 223-9729
      • All offices in the (856) area code will display (856) 794-1700
      • Manahawkin & Hammonton will display as (609) 878-9729
  • Local Office Auto Attendants / Front Desks
    • Recordings and programming have been updated on the local auto attendants.
    • Patients should be provided with the main number for your region and the extension or ring group extension.
    • If a patient is given a direct office number, they will need to select "0" to be connected to the front desk staff.
    • We are in the process of finding a way to differentiate rings/call lines to alert Front Desk to priority physician calls. 

We have also received feedback that some patient calls are going to the incorrect areas of our practice when patients are making selections. At times this may occur, and when it does, we would still like everyone to make best efforts to assist the patient before transferring them. If you cannot help the patient with their requests, please aide in connecting them with the correct person/department within our organization. Ensure you are kindly listening to the patients' needs and communicating with them prior to taking any action such as placing them on hold or transferring them. All calls are subject to recording and will be checked at random for quality assurance purposes.  

Transfer scripting and expectations: 

  • When transferring a patient please communicate clearly with the patient before placing them on hold or initiating a transfer. 
    • Mr./Ms. Jones, I would like to get you to the person that can best assist you, I am going to transfer you to ______. You will hear a brief silence or ring, then you will hear music or messaging. An agent with be with your shortly. Before I transfer you is there anything else I can assist you with today? Thank you please hold. 
  • Do NOT 
    • Tell the patient that they got to the wrong person, or department. 
    • That we have a new phone system that is not working correctly.
    • Transfer them without explaining or attempting to assist. 
    • Tell the patient to call back. 
  • Transfer Instructions: 
  • Queue Extensions - INTERNAL TRANSFERS ONLY
    • Main Scheduling - 233
      • This will drop them into scheduling to make their own selection. If you know the reason, they are calling, please place them in the specific queue they require assistance from.  
    • MRI & US - 9517
    • Mammo & Dexa - 9518
    • X-Ray - 9519
    • CT, Nuc Med, PET -  9520
    • Spanish - 9522
    • STAT - 9524
    • Operator - 9516
    • Physician Priority - 9521
    • Cancel, Reschedule, Confirm - 9525
    • Medical Records - 2160
    • Legal - 2173
    • PARS - 2800
    • Billing - 3695

Please help us in continuing to provide the best patient experience possible. Your feedback and assistance are greatly appreciated. If you have any difficulty, please report it to me and the AMI Help Desk as soon as possible so we can investigate any reported issues. 

Phone Changes Update 1/5/2023