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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 10/30/2020

Melonie Garron

Dear AMI Team:  

Thank all of you for your sustained efforts over the last six months in our battle against COVID-19. As a team you have all worked diligently to ensure the health and safety of the patients and fellow staff within our AMI facilities. We have incrementally provided guidance and process changes over the past few months in response to trends associated with COVID-19 and wanted to provide you with another update today. 

Over the last few weeks, daily cases and the rate of transmission have begun to increase in the state of New Jersey. One important number that we are tracking is the positivity rate of tests. The positivity rate represents the percentage of patients ​that are given a COVID test, and receive a positive test result. In July, August, & September this number was consistently trending at or below 2% positivity. In the past 4 weeks the positivity rate has grown to 4.48% as of today. ​While the number and percentage of positive cases and hospitalizations have been increasing recently, they still remain well below where they were in April and May. 

We know that the holidays are approaching soon and spending time with family and friends are traditional for this time of year. While we encourage everyone to maintain healthy interactions with family and friends, we ask that this is done with social distancing recommendations kept in mind. We also ask that everyone use caution this holiday season and follow recommendations and guidance to avoid unnecessary travel to high impact areas, large indoor gatherings and continue the use of masking and frequent hand washing. 

As additional guidelines continue to unfold, we at AMI will continue to actively monitor the CDC and NJ Department of Health recommendations. Stay healthy, and of course WASH YOUR HANDS! 


  • We have implemented additional distancing procedures in our shared kitchen spaces. This includes limiting the number of unmasked staff in the kitchen. This is to be accomplished through a combination of staggering lunches when possible and taking lunch outside or in your car when capacity has been reached in the lunch area. 
  • Weekly cleaning of the refrigerators & limiting storage of condiments and community items in the refrigerators for greater than 48 hours. 
  • Water bottles should not be refilled at the water coolers, this can be accomplished with the use of a disposable cup or pitcher that is to be washed after each refill. 
  • We have added the “Daily Employee Wellness Screening” QR code to the  https://my.atlanticmedicalimaging.com website for easier access 

All Staff Reminders:    

  • Daily wellness checks including taking your temperature and completing the symptom screening are mandatory. We have seen a decline in compliance with this process. It is essential that all staff complete the screening daily. The results are reviewed daily by employee health and any symptomatic employees are contacted if they did not report symptoms to employee health. It can now also be easily accessed on the my.atlanticmedicalimaging.com page. 
  • Any staff member experiencing symptoms or illness must contact employee health and their manager before reporting to work. 
  • Ensure you are wearing your facemask when entering and exiting the facility. 
  • Continue using appropriate PPE while working in AMI facilities.    
  • Continue social distancing practices both while in AMI facilities and off shift.   
  • Continue ensuring patients are using appropriate PPE. If at any time a patient does not observe these precautions, you should immediately contact the OA and take appropriate precautions of your own.   

Triage Team:    

  • We continue to have a designated group of nurses who are assigned to working on an enhanced level of screening for patients who warrant additional investigation and are scheduled as a “Further Screening Required Exam” in Fuji.  
  • Notes specific to the patient “FSR” screening can be located in the orders section of the patient chart.  
  • Continue to send emails for specific questions regarding patient screenings to the group at "COVID Triage" covidtriage@aminj.com  

Front Desk:    

  • When a patient checks in at the front desk.    
  • Continue to ensure patients are wearing face masks or providing them if needed, requesting patients change gloves if they enter the facility wearing gloves.   
  • Continue to offer patients & visitors the option to wait in their car. This is our preferred waiting room option.  

Employee Health: 

  • Continue to complete the “Daily Wellness Screening” PRIOR to beginning your shift each day. 
  • Do not report to work when feeling ill. Contact your manager and/or employee health if you are exhibiting any potential COVID symptoms. 
  • Please continue to reach out to Employee Health with questions and ensure you are notifying her immediately of any potential exposure or illness.  
  • We are pending our second delivery of Flu vaccinations this week. Please keep an eye on your email for updates from Employee Health on what dates and times they will be administered at your location.  
  • If you are opting to decline a Flu vaccination, please ensure you are completing the declination form provided by employee health. 
  • Email group for Employee Health Issues/Questions: 

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