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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 06/27/2022

Melonie Garron

AMI Team:  

As always, thank you for your dedication to the patients and employees of Atlantic Medical Imaging. As we welcome summer, we must continue our sustained efforts in protecting the health of the patients and employees of AMI. We would like to remind everyone to continue adhering to the infection prevention guidelines previously implemented at AMI throughout COVID-19. 

As a licensed healthcare facility, we are required to follow state-implemented guidelines and maintain specific standards throughout our patient care locations. The current recommendation for licensed healthcare facilities is to utilize the community transmission levels to guide our infection prevention procedures. The community transmission level is a rating that takes into account the overall COVID case rate and the percent of positivity in the region to determine what mitigation measures are required. This most often will result in a higher risk ranking score than the basic COVID community level rating which is a calculation based off inpatient hospital beds being used, new hospital admissions and the level of newly diagnosed COVID cases over a seven-day period.  The basic COVID community level rating is what is used to provide guidance for public and general business practices outside healthcare.  

The rankings for community transmission level and requirements attached to it currently place AMI, as a licensed healthcare facility, in what is considered a “high level” of COVID transmission. The current rating for the COVID community level however, is ranked as a “moderate level”. As a result,  healthcare facilities are required to enforce safety measures like wearing masks, physical distancing and the screening of staff and patients while other local businesses in the same demographic area are not. We will continue to monitor the COVID activity levels in our area and adjust our compliance practices based on the state regulations and requirements provided to us.  


  • Wellness Screening: 
    • Complete your wellness screening each day.  
    • Do NOT report to work if you are feeling ill. IMMEDIATELY contact employee health and your manager if you are sick or have been exposed to COVID.  
    • Daily wellness checks including taking your temperature and completing the symptom screening are mandatory and must be submitted daily.     
    • Any staff member experiencing symptoms or illness must contact employee health via email at employeehealth@aminj.com and their manager by phone before reporting to work.  
    • Random audits will be completed to ensure compliance.  
  • Patient Screening: 
    • Screen all patients upon entry to the facility. 
    • Continue checking the patients temperature on arrival. 
    • Complete the COVID screening questions on arrival.  
  • PPE: 
    • Masking is still required in our patient care facilities during patient care and throughout working hours.  
    • Mask must provide 95% filtration and must be worn over nose and mouth. 
    • Currently, we continue to recommend that patients also wear surgical masks when in the facility, covering both nose and mouth. 
  • Social distancing: 
    • Please continue to encourage patients and visitors to wait outside the building to avoid overcrowding in the waiting rooms. 
    • Continue to make efforts to maintain social distancing with coworkers and patients when able. 
  • Visitors:  
    • We are continuing to limit visitors within our facilities. Patients that require assistance and those for OB/US may have 1 visitor accompany them. The visitor must be screened and comply with the use of a surgical mask.   
  • • Walk-ins: 
    • We are not currently accepting walk-ins on a regular basis. However, if a patient does walk-in to schedule an exam, please screen them and assist them with scheduling if cleared 
  • • Contact: 



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