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IMPORTANT: Phone Changes

Melonie Garron

I wanted to take a moment to provide an update on the status of the phone system changes we have been working to implement in an effort to improve the patient experience. We have been working to build and test a new auto-attendant with increased options for our patients, referrers, and vendors. It is our hope that these changes will better direct calls to the appropriate personnel within AMI and ensure that calls going to the call center are more directly related to appointment matters. The new structure will also allow us to begin to move toward specialized scheduling in the future. 

Over the next few months, we will be continuing to adjust other aspects of the phone system and we will begin to move away from the use of direct dialing and begin using extension dialing. We will also be working to use only our three main published numbers of 609-677-9729, 732-223-9729, & 856-794-1700. What this means is that for all staff that currently have a direct dial number you will begin to use the main number in your area code and provide your extension for patients to reach you back in lieu of giving them a direct phone number to reach you. Any paperwork that has direct dial numbers will need to be updated to reflect the main number. Local office numbers will eventually be phased out as they exist today. I would encourage everyone to try to begin transitioning to main number and extension dialing. When communicating with a patient you would advise the patient: "I can be reached by dialing our main number (609) 677-9729 extension 1234". We will be updating the outgoing caller ID based on office location so the ONLY numbers that will present on caller ID for patients will be the three published phone numbers. We will advise when this change will be occurring. 

ALL calls are subject to recording for quality assurance purposes. Quality assurance checks will be in place to monitor the customer experience. We encourage all staff to assist a patient to the extent possible, avoid excessive transferring, and blind transfers, etc. If you are taking a call please ensure you are assisting the patient by either addressing their issue, giving a warm handoff to the next person to ensure they are available or able to assist the patient, if it is best for the patient experience please take a message and pass it onto a colleague for follow up. Please make ever effort to assist a patient or ensure they get to the correct person. If you are unsure who that person is please take a message and advise the patient that you will have someone contact them back, then speak with a manager for assistance. What we would like to avoid is for a patient to need to call into the office multiple times to try to have a question answered or issue resolved. Your support in accomplishing this is greatly appreciated. 


  • Scheduling
    • Is now one unified department taking calls for all locations. 
    • Calls will be routed by modality. 
  • PARS/Precertification
    •  Will now be an option for patients to select from the auto attendant. Patients will be routed to the PARs ring group for assistance. 
  • Nurse Navigators
    • There is now an option in the appointment menu to reach a Nurse Navigator directly. These calls will route directly to the NN based on appointment location. 
  • Additional Options Added: 
    • Accounts Payable
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing & AMI Foundation
    • Medical Records
    • Legal Requests

CALLS ROUTING TO 609-677-9729 / 732-223-9729 / 856-794-1700
Thank you for calling Atlantic Medical Imaging. Please be advised that our menu options have recently changed. If you know the 4-digit extension of the person you are trying to reach you may dial it at any time.    

  • For assistance in Spanish please press 7. - Connect to Spanish Queue  
  • For an appointment in any of our locations, please press 1 
    • Thank you for calling AMI to schedule an appointment. Please have your script and insurance card available to expedite your call. If you are a hospital or Dr.’s office, please press 8.   
      • To reschedule, cancel, or if you are returning a call to schedule an appointment, press 1 
      • To schedule your MRI or Ultrasound, press 2
      • To schedule your Mammogram, Dexa / Bone Density, press 3 
      • To schedule your Xray, press 4 
      • To schedule a CT scan, Nuclear Medicine, or PET Scan, press 5 
      • To reach the Vascular Institute, press 6 – Send to (609) 652-6094 
      • To reach your Nurse Navigator to schedule your biopsy, press 7 
        • Somers Point or CMCH, press 1 - 2572 
        • Galloway, BHP, or Hammonton, press 2 - 2178 
        • Vineland or Bridgeton, press 3 - 3575 
        • Brick Womens Center, press 4 - 2376 
        • Toms River, 37, Hooper, or TRWC, press 5 - 2923 
      • Wall, press 6 – 2760  
      • Option 8 - Physician Priority  
  • To reach the Vascular Institute, please press 2 – send to (609) 652-6094 
  • For medical records, please press 3 
    • To request a copy of your records, please press 1
    • If you are an attorney’s office, please press 2
  • To reach the precertification department, press 4 
  • For billing assistance, please press 5 
  • For marketing, AMI Foundation, accounts payable, or human resources, please press 6 
    • For Marketing, press 1 
    • For the AMI Foundation, press 2 
    • For Accounts Payable, press 3 
    • For Human Resources, press 4
  • For a dial by name directory, press 9  
  • To repeat this menu please press the # key, menu to repeat after 5 seconds. 


  • We have ALSO updated our After-Hours process to allow patients that are scheduled for an appointment in the evening to be able to contact the office, and Vascular Institute patients to be able to connect to the answering service, and provide our hours of operation, and online options. 
  • FRONT DESKS - The below extensions are included in an afterhours queue; this queue will display on your phone as AfterHoursFD415. This rings multiple offices and anyone that is available should answer the call, if you are with a patient, please let another team member answer the call. Please assist the patient or if needed use a warm transfer to the office where the patient is scheduled for further assistance. (A warm transfer is when you wait for someone to answer and announce the patient & reason for the call before completing the transfer) The after-hours feature will enable patients that are scheduled for an appointment after hours to reach our offices and notify us if they cannot make it, are running late, need directions, etc. This is NOT intended to be an option for patients to be able to schedule non-urgent appointments after hours. If time allows please assist the patient but if you are with patients they can be asked to call during normal business hours, schedule online, or offer to have someone contact them back the next business day and send an email to orders@aminj.com with their contact information. Please be advised calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes. 


  • At times patients may select the wrong option when trying to reach someone within AMI. If this happens please assist the patient by connecting them to the appropriate party. It is always best to provide a "warm handoff" which is when you wait for the receiving party to answer, announce the call and patient information before connecting the call. If there is no answer returning to the patient to advise that the person is not available, but you will transfer them to leave a voicemail, if voicemail is not an option, then you should take a message and email it to the intended recipient. 
  • In the event a patient reaches you accidentally and needs assistance scheduling an appointment, AND you are unable to assist them. Calls can be transferred to the scheduling department with the use of the following INTERNAL ONLY extensions: 
    • 9522  Spanish 
    • 9521 Physician Priority
    • 9520 CT-NM-PT
    • 9519 XRAY
    • 9518 Mammo/Dexa
    • 9517 MR-US
    • 9516 Reschedule, Cancel, Confirm, etc. (If you are unsure use this extension)
  • To reach other departments
    • 2160 - Medical Records
    • 2173 - Legal Department
    • 3695 - AMI Billing Dept. 
  • All others please use the appropriate extension dialing 

Extension Dialing

  • Patients may call any of our 3 published numbers, when the prompt begins or at anytime during the prompt the patient may dial an extension to be connected to a specific person. It is best to do this at the start of the message to ensure the system recognizes as an extension and not a selection. 

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. If you are finding any issues with the changes please report them to Doyle and me immediately.